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Ancamide 220
Ancamide 220 curing agent is one in a series of standard reactive polyamides for use in the curing of epoxy resins.
It has been designed particularly for use in solvent-based surface coatings.
- Good color and light stability
- Good chemical resistance
- Compatible with a wide range of solvents
- Complies with FDA 21 CFR 175.300 and 175.105
- Solvent-based maintenance coatings
- Primers, sealers, and coatings for concrete

Color(Gardner): 7
Physical Form: Clear, amber liquid
Viscosity @ 77'F(25'C)(cP): 330,000
Amine Value(mg KOH/g): 245
Specific Gravity @ 77'F(25'C): 1.04
Flash Point('F): 388
Equivalent Wt/{H}: 185
Use Level(phr): With liquid resin- 90-100, with solid resin- 35-40
Gel Time(min @ 77'F, 150 g mix): 260
Industrial field additive, civil & construction, plastic, polymer, resin, monomer
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