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Accelerator ZDBCX
Zinc N,N-di-n-butyldithiocarbamate & di-n-butylamine complex
ZDBCX, zinc N, N-di-n-butyldithiocarbamate & di-n-butylamine complex. is an ultra-accelerator which is active at room temperature.
It can be further activated by Z.I.X., and may also be used as a booster for thiazoles.
It may be used in natural rubber and SBR for dry mixes, cements, and latex.
It is of particular value for the preparation of transparent and translucent articles from both latex and dry rubber.
Formula : ((n-C4H9)2NCSS)2Zn/(n-C4H9)2NH
Appearance : light brown, slightly turbid liquid
Odor : smells faintly of dibutylamine
Storage stability: good, if kept cool and dry in closed containers
Staining properties: non-discoloring and non-staining
Purity : 97% minimum
Solubility : soluble in aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, can be emulsified in water
Industrial field additive, civil & construction, rubber & additives
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