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Tow-Roll Mixing Mil----Rubber machierny availabe
   Technology Description
Tow-Roll Plastics Mixing Mill X(S)K-400(B)
The General
The present machine is a nearly-designed Tow-Roll Mixing mill with driving gears of the speed reducer mounted inside the right frame and the main driving electric motor in the gap between the base and rolls, so that it is compact in structure and takes less floor area. Moreover the elimination of the foundation fixing bolts and adoption of floatation mode in installation make the whole machine east and convenient to erect and move.
Surfaces of the rolls made of chill cast iron, are 68-75 of shore hardness, which are rigid and wear-resistant. The rolls are bored to pass steam or cooling water for controlling the working temperature of the roll.
Forced lubrication with diluted oil to the roll bearings is adopted and therefore full and reliable lubrication is guaranteed. Roll nip adjustment is carried out according to processing requirement by means of hand wheels located on both sides of the frame. Turn the hand wheel clockwise, the roll nip decreases, or otherwise it is increase. The stock guide is axially adjustable which can control pressing width in addition to prevent the rubber stock flowing over both sides.
Fitted onto the heating-cooling device are two spraying pipes extending respectively to the roll¡¯s cavities into which they let pass steam or cooling water for roll¡¯s working temperature control.
For emergency stop mounted at the upper part of the machine is a crosswise pull rod by means of pulling which, sudden stop of the machine can be obtained in case any unexpected trouble turn up.
This machine is applicable for plastics plasticating, mixing, warming, and sheeting in plastic product factories.
Technology Advantages
1. For the convenience of maintenance and operation. Connect the machine main part and auxiliary to the whole cast steel seat.
2. The bearing of the roller is equipped with the oil seal device. AS for oil passage lubrication. the lubricant is mechanically provided by hydraulic station to ensure good lubrication condition. It is convenient to use and keeps the machine in a clean environment.
3. All driving gears were made from cast steel, and also provided with high strength of material. Stationary run high wear ability and long working lifetime.
4. Equipped with brake equipment. When urgent emergency occurred, it will be broken automatically.
5. In order to save labor and operate convenience, worm and worm wheel adjust tow-roll distance.
Target Application
This machine is double roller opening to be used for rubber mixing .It consists of seat, frame roller , and driving device, lubricator, heater, and cooler, range-adjusting device of roller. Safety brake motor and reducer, etc. The roller is made from safety cooled and hard cast steel smooth surface is polished. In term of different case, saturated steam and cooling water can be inputted in the empty roller to adjust speed of roller. Colloidal particles are drawn into the gap of the two rollers. Which made relative rotation in different velocity to mix rubber.
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