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Welcome to Infochems Inc.!!
Infochems Inc. is world wide chemical trading company. We provide the huge chemical product trading information through our web-site accompanied with off-line business for chemical trading. As the Internet has became a huge and complicated marketplace, Infochems Inc.(www.infochems.com)can be able to give the consumers fast, easy and efficient ways to manage its vast resources for chemical industries.
InfoChems operates chemical database, closely intertwined with chemical names and company informations based on the names of the chemical products
InfoChems database, with its new systematical structure designs based on precise product names, enhances previous system. Therefore, it provides much more professional product information to the customers. Because the names of the chemical products are closely related with names of the chemical substances, production company, sales company, and directories., InfoChem database can give the customers much more useful and broader scope of information. Also, for the names of chemical substances and directories, Korean products are positioned on the same Counter Grade with other well-known international brands, which makes easier for marketing Korean products.

InfoChems utilizes the advantages of the database systems in doing its trading businesses.
InfoChems already has been importing international products from PERGAN GmbH, MH mulder-hardenberg GmbH of Germany, and Hongda Chemical Co. Ltd. of China, and selling them in domestic markets. Also, InfoChems assists in marketing and selling of the chemical products for domestic middle-sized companies, providing them a chance to expand their business to the international market. InfoChems are always open for anyone. We will cherish every call from the companies in needs of consulting on trading fields.

InfoChems provides information services in chemical technology transfers.
InfoChems can act as a medium for the companies wanting to export its accumulated technologies to the third world companies or for the foreign companies wanting the Korean technologies transferred. It primarily deals with the technologies.